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Budget Polyethylene Sump Pallet For 1 IBC

Budget Polyethylene Sump Pallet For 1 IBC
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Budget Polyethylene Sump Pallet For 1 IBC

This budget polyethylene sump pallet for safely storing and handling one IBC is excellent value for money. Constructed from high density polyethylene and manufactured using a rotational moulding process this model sump pallet is ideal for storing various acids, alkeline solutions, oils and non inflammable chemical substances.

The spill pallets colour is light black and the removable supporting grid is constructed from galvanized steel and allows for easy cleaning. The spill pallet base is designed with forks at the bottom for easy handling by forklift truck.

This new range of sump pallets is designed to optimise space and lower transport costs by means of its interlocking design. This allows the sump pallets to stack within each other when empty.

For shipping we only charge what it costs us to deliver the sump pallets. We charge by the pallet to your postcode, which is calculated in the checkout - or you can collect for FREE from our premises in Kettering. The sump pallets are generally in stock.

Corrosive Symbol Environment Symbol
Polyethylene Sump Pallet
ProductDimensions in mmVolumeIBC Capacity
POLYSAFE1IBC 1270x1270x8501000 L1 IBC

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