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Pallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack

Pallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack
Pallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack Pallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack flatdsc03567Pallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack insidePallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack sidePallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack internalPallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack sleevedsc03565dsc03566
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Pallet Box Folding Sleeve Pack

A used plastic sleeve pack. This Euro pallet sized collapsible sleeve pack is a very space efficient plastic stacking pallet box with a capacity of 350kg.

The unit sits on a moulded plastic pallet base which has a recess around the base that the corrugated plastic sides slot into then lock. A lid then sits on top making the pallet box stable and lockable. This sleeve pack comes with a internal compartmentalised storage bag that velcro's into place or if not required can be stored flat in the base.

When not in use, the plastic sides fold flat onto the pallet base and the lid then sits on top ready for stacking. Note that there are no skids on the bottom of the pallet, so it may not be suitable for some racking.

This used sleeve pack has a load capacity of 350 kg and can be stacked 5 high. For stacking up to 5 high, reduce load to 210kg.

These sleeve packs are all sold in very good used condition.

Base Size800x1200mm
Underfloor Clearance110mm
Load Capacity350kg

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