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New Hercules Lorry Access Step

£ 458.00 each Hercules Lorry Access Mobile Safety Steps

Hercules Lorry Access Mobile Safety Steps

An increasing problem within the road haulage industry is how safe access is gained onto the back of a lorry or trailer. Drivers have become worryingly adept at climbing up onto the lorry wheels or balancing on the tips of forklift forks. Carrying out a risk assessment of how safe access should be gained invariably leads to needing a mobile access safety ladder.

Our "Hercules" mobile access step has been designed with rough use in mind! When mobile steps are used in lorry parks and in a loading bay environment, they are liable to constant use and often moved and knocked with forklifts. We have made our heavy duty access ladder from a substantial 40x40x3mm box section and, like all our mobile step range, are a fully welded one piece construction.

The angle of the steps is 45 degrees, an easy slope step, which allows the user to walk down forward facing. The treads are our hi-grip steel treads ofering excellent grip in in wet oily conditions.

This 6 step mobile ladder has a platform height of 1250mm and is fitted with 2 substantial 200mm nylon wheels and 2 smaller 100mm diameter wheels housed in swivel castors allowing easy movement. On the side of the steps is mounted a brake lever which disengages the smaller wheels when in use allowing a safe stable platform for the steps. Also fitted is a swing access bar at the top and safety notice on the side.

Mobile Steps lead time is generally 7 days. Whilst we stock the step components, the mobile steps are built to order. We would typically allow 3 days to build the steps, a day to paint them and then despatch the mobile ladders on a 3 day service.

We deliver mobile safety steps with FREE SHIPPING to mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Please call for a delivery price to these regions. Prices do not include VAT.

We manufacture our mobile safety steps using prime steel and components at our factory in Kettering. Collection from our factory is possible - contact us for a discount if you wish to do this.

Mobile Steps Treads Mobile Steps White Plastic Wheels Close Up
Platform Height From Ground1250mm
Steps Overall Length1460mm
Steps Overall Height2250mm
Steps Frame Width640mm
Overall Axle Width800mm
Platform Size550mm x 380mm
Internal Step Tread Width550mm x 200mm
Step Tread Vertical Spacing250mm
Weight Standard Width60kg
Load Capacity300kg

Standard White Nylon Wheels

As standard, our mobile safety steps are fitted with 200mm dia white nylon wheels at the back and 100mm polyurethane wheels housed in swivel castors at the front.

These wheels are hard wearing and robust to give a long life, with each rated to 150kg.

Optional Rubber Wheels

As an optional extra, we can fit rubber tyred wheels to the mobile steps. These are the same size and of a similar load rating to the nylon wheels. Rubber has the advantage of being quieter when being rolled and slightly easier to push. They cannot though easily be skidded sideways.

Mobile Steps White Plastic Wheels Black Rubber Wheels Mobile Steps White Plastic Wheels Close Up

Optional Extras

Warehouse Step Gates

A safety gate can be mounted at the base of the mobile steps to deter unauthorised use. The gate rotates through 270 degrees and fastens when open against the side of the mobile ladder.

Mobile Steps with Gate Closed Mobile Steps with Gate Open
Rear Safety Bars

A locking bar to enclose the top platform.

Mobile Steps with Rear Bar Up Mobile Steps with Rear Bar Down

Safety Steps Standard Paint Finish

As standard, our mobile safety steps come painted, using a one coat primer/finish - Zinfos 700CT. This gives good adhesion to the steel with the primer for a long and robust life, and smart finished appearance with a 70% gloss level.

Safety Steps Galvanized Finish

As an optional extra, we are able to offer a galvanized mobile step finish. The galvanized mobile step is dip coated as a fully welded structure so retains its inherent strength and has no nuts & bolts which can loosen over time.

The galvanized zinc coating fully covers the mobile ladder protecting it from the detriments of the outside environment, especially important in external and coastal environments. It is equally useful in food preparation or scientific clean areas where it can be pressure washed regularly and there is no risk of paint flakes.

5 Step Galvanized StepsGalvanide Steps

Standard Punched Steel Step Treads

As standard, our mobile safety steps are fitted with "punched and raised holes" step treads. These treads are highly slip resistant and also shed water off very efficiently.

The step treads are formed from 2mm mild steel and have 9 mm dia punched and 5 mm dia drainage holes in a square pattern. The 9mm holes are "raised" in such a way that the sharp edge of the hole is exposed which grips the sole of a shoe offering high levels of slip resistance. The step treads pass a 15mm ball bearing test - a standard test for steps and grid flooring. The punched and drainage holes give the profile an unsurpassed high strength to weight ratio.

These treads have been tested for slip resistance by the testing company Lucideon in their UKAS accredited testing laboratory. The "Pendulum Test" was originally developed for road surfaces but has grown to include all manner of surfaces such as supermarket floors or swimming pools.

Our step treads were rated as follows:
Dry test: 66 value - Extremely low
Wet test: 50 value - Low

More info on Slip testing and Ceram can be found by here Slip Resistance Testing

Mobile steps punched hole tread Step tread hole profile Step tread hole diagram

Optional Aggressive Tread

This step is more akin to a bear trap! The Aggressive step tread can be identified by oval, serrated holes that provide the top flange of the planks with a very high load capacity, and rolled side flanges that further reinforce the planks and gratings.

This step tread is used where requirements of slip resistance and drainage are high - often in marine environments, industries with oil and water, building sites, etc. Please note, this is an optional extra and also adds an extra week or so to the build time.

Mobile Steps Agressive Tread Mobile Steps Tread Drawing

Other Treads available

As the mobile steps manufacturer, we can build the steps with whatever treads suit your requirement. This is not of course the cheapest solution. We offer a competitively priced range of standard mobile steps but acknowledge that sometimes price is not the critical factor, but rather design is.

Rubber Treads

Whilst we can make steps with rubber mats stuck on, we no longer offer them as a standard option. They offer no real benefit over the punched steel treads and over time, the glue will invariable fail... a corner lifts... gets caught... gets ripped off.

Heel on Mobile Steps Rubber Treads on Mobile Steps

Check out our new Hercules mobile step designed to allow safe access onto the back of a lorry or trailer.

This heavy duty mobile ladder has been designed for use in lorry parks and loading bay environments and as such built to handle tough conditions and rough handling.

The steps have an easy slope of 45 degrees allowing the user to safely walk down the steps forward facing.

Together with hi-grip steel treads, a brake lever which disengages the smaller wheels and swing access bar at the top this provides a safe environment for loading and unloading.

Further details on request or check it out in our online shop now.

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