1040x640x670 Red Industrial Pallet Box with Wheels 1425 B Z/CAP/1425BRR

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1040x640 Industrial Red Pallet Box with Wheels 1425 BRR

Plastic box pallets have a varied number of uses and can be found in all industries including food, medical through to automotive. The pallet feet are recessed on the edges to sit inside the top lip to give a positive and safe stacking. The box pallets are suitable for food and are fully recyclable.

The plastic pallet box is made with a single-skinned structure, reinforcing corner and central side columns, and reinforcement ribs in the base structure, all of which substantially improve resistance to compression loads. The pallet box is suitable for use with heavy loads during transport, storage of bulk and packaged products or liquids.

The plastic pallet boxes are constructed from High Density Polyethylene (PE-HD). As a result, the pallet box has excellent resistance to shocks, stacking, and temperature extremes. They are suitable for forklifts and any type of tipping devices.

These are the specifications for our solid side, 1040x640 industrial pallet box. Some dimensions vary with the options such as skids or wheels.

Base size1040x640mm
Pallet box Capacity285 litres
Pallet box Load Capacity200kg
TypeFull sided
External Dimensions (with feet)1040x640x670mm
Internal Dimensions930x590x515mm
Weight - 4 Feet version13.7g
Static Load Capacity1800kg
Stackable Quantity High9 high

Optional Pallet Box Lid

The optional lid can be a useful addition to a pallet box. It offers the option to store boxes outside and helps to reduce cross-contamination where necessary.

Plastic Pallet Box Lid

Internal Dimensions1200x800mm
External Dimensions1215x815mm
Height increase when stacked with other lids35mm
Height increase when stacked with other pallet box35mm

As an additional option, we can fit the plastic pallet box with wheels. There are 2 different castor patterns we can use with markedly different handling qualities. You can decide which option and configuration best suits your application. There is also a choice of wheel construction and brakes.

Corner to Corner Castors

4 swivel castors on each corner, easy and obvious. Very manoeuvrable and easy to use in tight spaces. However, if you need to push them any great distance, then just like a full shopping trolley, they are hard to push in a straight line and around corners. 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors solves this problem, but with 2 fixed castors manoeuvrability in tight spaces is compromised.

Diamond Fitted Castors

The Castors are fitted in a diamond pattern. 2 fixed castors in the middle and a swivel castor at either end. This configuration allows the pallet box to rotate in it’s own foot print. The fixed castors mean it is more user-friendly when pushed in a straight line, however they also restrict the pallet box from being pushed sideways.


As standard, we fit 125mm diameter wheels in pressed steel castors. Braked swivel castors are available with an integral foot brake.

There are a multitude of different wheels out there. As standard, we offer a white nylon wheel or a rubber tyred wheel. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us. The white nylon wheel is a solid hard wheel, very hardwearing and with a lower rolling resistance so easier to push. The rubber wheel is a rubber tyre on a nylon centre. The softer rubber is quieter and offers a more cushioning “ride”. It is also non-marking on floors.

Additional Options for the Pallet Box

As if you haven't got enough choice already, we can offer yet more options...

Range of Colours Available

There is a minimum quantity of 200 boxes for a coloured box. This is a substantial number, but please bear in mind that 20 to 30 boxes have to be run off to fully bleed out the previous colour.

Optional Tap Fittings

A tap can be fitted to the pallet box to drain or decant any liquids. Alternatively a flush fitting screwed-in bung can be fitted for more infrequent use.

Adhesive Card Holder

The use of an adhesive card holder can hold delivery notes or product information sheets

Markings for Pallet Box

When ordering pallet boxes from us, we can offer personalised markings on the pallet box, normally to identify the pallet boxes as yours or any other information you wish. It can also be your logo adding adding a professional touch to the athsetic look. All markings are carried out at the factory in Italy and have lead time implications. Please ask us for more details.

Embossed Marking

This method of marking, involves an additional engraved tool section in the mould of the pallet box, to emboss your name or logo on the pallet box.

Screen Hot Print Marking

The screen printed option, hot foil printing prints onto the side of the box and is carried out as a separate operation in the factory after the moulding process.


For smaller orders, we despatch boxes on a pallet network. To minimize delivery costs, we stack the pallet boxes on top one another, with an additional one inside the other two pallet boxes as shown in the picture below, plus 1 more on top of that. As a result, we can get a maximum of 4 pallet boxes to 1 pallet space.

Delivery of pallet boxes on wheels

In order to get 4 pallet boxes onto a single pallet space, this means we are not able to bolt on the castors first, the castors will be supplied loose in the box. However, if you need the castors fitted, there is a cost implication for the delivery cost as we can then only fit 2 boxes per pallet space.

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have regarding delivery.

We deliver our plastic pallet boxes to mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Please call for a delivery price for pallet boxes to these regions. Prices do not include VAT.

Collection from our Kettering factory is possible - contact us for a discount if you wish to do this.

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