Side Access Platform 3m Z/STEP/SATS/3

Trailer Side Access Mobile Platform with steps - 3m
Trailer Side Access Mobile Platform with steps - 3mTrailer Side Access Mobile Platform with steps - 3m platformTrailer Side Access Mobile Platform with steps - 3m with stabilizers
£ 1,952.00 each

150mm Rubber Wheels
Galvanized Finish
Side Step Handrail
Swing-out Stabilizers

Item requires 5 pallets to ship.
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Trailer Side Access Mobile Platform with steps - 3m

This is side access trailer platform step model SATS3 which is designed specifically for safe and efficient access to side opening trailers. This model has a 3m length platform.

When side opening trailers need to be manually unloaded there is a potential unloading risk. This mobile platform with an easy step 45 degree slope is designed to alleviate the risks involved and allows users to descend facing forwards.

Prices do not include VAT.

Please call us for a lead time

We manufacture our side access trailer platform steps using prime steel and components at our factory in Kettering. Collection from our factory is possible - contact us for a discount if you wish to do this.

The mobile access platforms come with braked swivel wheels as standard, 125mm dia polyurethane tyred wheels.

All lorry and trailer heights vary depending on the manufacturer, model and even load on the vehicle. We have set our platform height at 1.3m which has proven to be the most popular. Please advise which side you want the handrails fitted.

Contact us if this model does not meet your requirements, as the manufacturer of these steps and platforms, we can make whatever height, platform length, wheel and brake configuration that you need.

150mm Heavy Duty Rubber Wheels

As standard, our mobile safety steps are fitted with 125mm polyurethane tyred wheel in a swivel and brake castor. Each wheel and castor assembly is rated to 250kg.
As an optional extra, we can fit an uprated 150mm dia rubber tyred wheel. This wheel has roller bearings and is housed in a swivel and brake castor with an individual load rating of 350kg. The larger diameter wheel makes pushing the platform easier across uneven ground and offers improved durability if the platform is moved using forklifts.

heavy duty rubber wheels for step platform

Opposite Handrail on Stair Section

As standard, a handrail is fitted just to one side, spanning the sloped stair section and the platform itself. The opposite side which is flush up against the trailer side is left open.
As an option, we can fit a handrail to the opposite side so that both sides of the stair have a handrail. At the top is a safety chain to close off the open stairway.

Opposite Handrail on Sloped Step Section

Swing-Out stabilizing Arms

We can fit a pair of swing out arms which have wind down legs attached. Once the trailer access platform is in position, the arms can swing out through 90 degrees and then the wind down leg can be wound down to the ground. These stabilisers offer enhanced stability, depending on your use and application. When finished, the arms fold flush and lock flat against the platform side.

Swing out stabilising arms with wind down legs  Swing out stabilising arms with wind down legs closed

Galvanized Finish

As standard the step access platform is painted - colour blue RAL 5010. For the ultimate weather protection finish, the access platform can be galvanized. Galvanizing entails dipping the whole welded structure in a molten bath of zinc. This gives a hard and weatherproof coating to all parts of the platform.

Galvanised trailer access platform


Trailer Side Access Mobile Platform Dimensions

Platform Width 1000 mm
Platform Length 3 m
O/A Width 1050mm
O/A Length inc Steps 4.3 m
Platform Height 1.3 m
O/A Height 2.3 m
Platform Capacity 300 Kg
Wheels 4 x 125mm dia Swivel Castors with Brake
All other sizes can be custom made - Please call us to discuss
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