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Storage & Handling of Gas Cylinders

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The storage and handling of gas cylinders is not only a safety consideration but also governed by Health and Safety Executive regulations. Cylinders of compressed gas are often extremely flammable and must be appropriately restrained.

Steps and Stillages supply a wide range of cages suitable for the outdoor storage of gas cylinders. All our safety cages are sturdy and well ventilated.

Our high quality multipurpose storage safety cages provide protection from the elements, security and protection from flying debris in the event of an explosion and are in accordance with the required EU and UN regulations.

Gas cylinder safety cages play an essential part in the safe storage and protection of gas cyclinders. Our range of cages provide the following benefits:

  • Protect the gas cylinders from unauthorized personnel to avoid any risks to themselves, to others or to the company facilities.
  • Protect the cylinders from the effects of the weather and at the same time provide efficient ventilation.
  • Provide safety from flying debris in the unfortunate event of a fire or explosion.

As well as safe storage consideration must be given to the safe transport of compressed gas cylinders around the workplace. To handle and transport gas cylinders safely we supply both small trolleys for the transport of one or two gas cylinders, and larger pallet cages for the transport of larger quantities of cylinders by forklift truck.

Contact us for any additional informatiion or technical detail regarding the range.

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