Ratchet Straps, Load Bars and Track


Our vehicle load restraint range is a comprehensive range of straps and bars to secure the load on a vehicle, whether roll pallets in a box trailer, or general goods or stillages in a curtain sided lorry.

Note that our Load Restraint range ships units in bundles. Shipping is calculated at the checkout according to the number of bundles needed to contain your order.

Ratchet straps are an industry standard. Our heavy duty ratchet strap comes in various sizes but lengths but can be simply cut down in length to suit any need. When used inside vans or trailers or for simply securing any load which will undergo transportation, the heavy duty ratchet strap can tend to pull the tracking off the side walls, so we have some medium and lighter duty versions available. Many applications use an over centre buckle strap to secure roll pallets in a van. This allows good tension to be applied without causing damage from over tightening the ratchet strap. We also stock a large range of ratchet strap ends and clips to ensure everything you need is in our range.

Load bars are the other main alternative for securing loads in a lorry. These can either be rigid solid bars that drop into cups on the track on the side walls of the lorry which are stronger and more durable than counter parts, or can be the sprung bar or spring bar alternatives. These sprung bars are far more versatile but not as strong as the fixed load bar. Cargo stays are also available to secure uneven or unstable loads. These cargo stays can be either in the horizontal or vertical plane and be used to retain all sorts of loads or roll pallets and trolleys.

Of course, all these ratchet straps and load bars need to fit into track or tracking on the trailer or van sidewall. There is a standard track, the T001 standard single round hole. These tracks are in 3 metre lengths and the tracking can either be mild steel zinc plated or stainless steel. We have listed several other common tracks, although other specialised tracks are available.

The straps have a variety of ends to fit any need you may have, from buckles to hooks to rings our diverse range can suit any trailer or load.

Ratchet ends Cargo Net In Use Cargo Net In Use As Wall
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