Hanging Garment Rails

Steps and Stillages Ltd have 2 standard Hanging Garments Rails in the garment rail range. Both the garment rails are of a nesting design for storing clothes. This allows empty hanging clothes rails to be nested into each other saving space in both the warehouse or in the retail store. The nesting of hanging garment rails is also very important for return journeys in lorries where the distribution rails save valuable space.

The garment rails sit on 125mm diameter wheels which is important for easy rolling and moving the hanging rails around the warehouse or in the retail store. Four swivel castors allow the hanging garment rail to be manoeuvred in tight spaces or on the shop floor to replenish shelves in store.

Our Hanging garment range is a heavy duty industrial range for moving garments around warehouses and on and off vehicles. The garment rails should not be compared to weaker and flimsier domestic garment rails or point of sale display rails.

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