Rectangular Tote Pans

Rectangular Box Unit

Designed especially for small items our range of modular tote pans come in a variety of sizes. All models within the modular range of picking bins and tote pans can stack with each other.

All models can fit into shelves that we also supply. This then creates a practical, space saving and tidy environment for distributing materials.

Our modular containers come in colour green RAL 6077. Contact us for a stainless steel option. An optional mobile partition is also available from within the options for the larger boxes.

The containers are guaranteed free from burrs, with chamfered and rounded corners to avoid injury during use.

We can also supply the box units with other finishes. Stainless steel, galvanized or zinc plated finishes are possible. Contact us with your requirements.

At Steps and Stillages we also have a complete range of accessories designed to integrate with our containers. From card holders and identification plates to wheels and lids we have the ideal custom solution for your needs.

For shipping we only charge what it costs us to deliver the containers. We charge by the pallet to your postcode, which is calculated in the checkout - or you can collect for FREE from our premises in Kettering. The containers have a 3 week lead time.

Identification Labels and Plates

Stillage label Stillage label

We can customize your stillage with a variety of identification and branding options. On request we can print your wording, trademarks and/or logotypes in relief on the containers, or on a variety of styles of identification plates.

We can also supply self-adhesive labels with the tare weight in hectograms. Contact us for more information.

Stillage Card Holders

Stillage card holder lifted Stillage removable holder clipped in place Stillage welded card holder

Contact us for information on our ranges of removable and welded card holders that come in a variety of sizes from A4 to A5 and smaller.

Our removable stillage card holders either have rigid hooks to fit on the frame or bendable hooks to fit on mesh sides. Our welded card holders can either open at the top or the side.

Frames on Wheels

Frame with wheels Frame holding stillage

We can also supply custom frames with wheels for easy container handling. We have many wheel options together with foot guards if required. Contact us for more information.

Removable lids for Stillages.

Stillage removable lid in use Container with lid

On request we can supply custom made removable lids to fit our container range. The lids have grip handles for ease of use and protect and contain the stillage contents.

Mobile Partitions.

Front Chute Stillage with Partiton Box with partition

We can supply mobile partitions to fit our container and box ranges. These are particulary useful for storing and separating small items.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Steps and Stillages team for any modification or customisations you require.

Rectangular Box Unit Dimensions SC300RG Rectangular Box Unit SC300RG
Rectangular Box Unit Buy Online Now
ProductStillage Dimensions in mm
SC300RG 300x200x200 300200200
Rectangular Box Unit Dimensions SC400RG Rectangular Box Unit SC400RG
Rectangular Box Unit Buy Online Now
ProductStillage Dimensions in mm
SC400RG 450x300x200 450300200

For large orders please contact us.

Delivery is extra click for estimate
Product Code Price
SC300RG 300x200x200
Up to 200 items ship on 1 pallet.
Delivery is extra click for estimate
Z/STIL/SC300RG £ 25.00 each
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SC400RG 450x300x200
Up to 92 items ship on 1 pallet.
Delivery is extra click for estimate
Z/STIL/SC400RG £ 29.00 each Choose options
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