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Spring Loaded Mobile Steps

Narrow Aisle mobile steps fitted with spring loaded castors which retract when the operator's weight is placed on the steps. All the mobile steps in the spring loaded range have high grip steel treads with punched and raised holes. These offer very high levels of grip for all shoe types and avoid the problem with rubber mat steps where the rubber mat always lifts and starts to tear risking a trip hazard.

The spring loaded mobile castors have 75mm rubber tyre wheels fitted as standard and different spring rates for the front and rear castors to help balance the weight of the steps. The legs are fitted with rubber feet which bottom out on the ground when the mobile steps are stood on.

Handrails are fitted to both sides of the mobile steps with 1m high handrails around the top step platform. The narrow steps incline is 45 degrees to allow easy climbing up and down.

All our mobile steps are made here in Kettering and are of a strong welded steel construction. The steps come as standard in a painted finish and have a safety notice fitted.

Some thought needs to go into the requirement of these steps. The advantages of this spring loaded step design is that they are simplicity itself to move and use and also cheap. The disadvantages are that you need to have nice smooth and flat floors as ground clearance of the foot is only approx 20mm. Spring loaded mobile steps are also not ideal for excessive leaning out although our tapered step design helps to counter this.

Tapering mobile steps

Access into tight spaces in a warehouse or store room can be paramount so we have kept the width as narrow as possible. In order to help with stability, the steps have been designed with a taper to keep the operators weight in the centre of the steps.

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