Heavy Duty Parcel Cage

Heavy Duty Parcel Cage Open Heavy Duty Parcel Cage Open Heavy Duty Parcel Cage
This is a heavy duty parcel cage. It is a well made four sided demountable cage pallet.

The 50mm x 100mm mesh sides and base infill are robust and the zinc plating gives a nice finish and a long serviceable life.

It has at the front, a two piece hinged stable door with plastic hinges.

We ship by the pallet to your postcode calculated in the checkout. 1 unit will fit on 1 pallet, 2 - 6 will stack on 2 pallets, and multiples thererof.

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External Dimensions
Width 1200 mm
Height 1705 mm
Depth 1000 mm
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Heavy Duty Parcel Cage
1 item ships on 1 pallet. Up to 6 on 2.
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Z/P/PARCELCAGE £ 215.00 each
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