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Range of Folding Pallet Boxes

The folding pallet box can be a reliable and affordable answer to the logistics and space problems in industry.These folding pallet boxes can be stacked when not in use to optimise space, manufactured with closed and perforated walls with smooth surfaces so they are safe in the warehouse.

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Maximum Lorry Capacity Deatails

Also known as the 'Smartbox' these folding pallet pallet boxes help optimize spared space from 54% to 66%, they also have full safe stackability thanks to the specially designed feet and skids.The smartbox has no sharp edges with smooth surfaces and high level of protection for the goods inside.

Incredibly strong and durable, incredible simplicity and fully recyclable.Check out our wide range of folding pallet boxes with a wide range of accessories availible.

All folding solid pallet boxes wil require a minimum order quantity of atleast 500 units, and vented 150 units.

Folding Plastic Pallet Boxes with Solid Sides

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