Stillage SL016 Z/STIL/STOCK/SL016

SL016 Stillage
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Stillage SL016 - No Door With Skids Long Side

These stacking steel stillages have a capacity of 800kg and have ribbed stillage sides.

These stillages are painted in orange. The containers are guaranteed free from burrs, with chamfered and rounded corners to avoid injury during use.


For shipping we only charge what it costs us to deliver the stillages. We charge by the pallet to your postcode, which is calculated in the checkout - or you can collect for FREE from our premises in Kettering. The stillages are in stock.

tuff diagram 5
TUFF Steel Stillages with Solid Sides and Skids Long Side
ProductStillage Dimensions in mmCapacity
SL016 800x600x500 800 600 500 130 65 800 kg


Delivery is extra click for estimate

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