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If your business uses roll cages, it pays to invest in quality products. Poorly manufactured roll cages can seem like they save you money on the surface, but can actually lead to several ongoing issues - and they could even cost you more in the long run than a superior product. Here are four reasons you should invest in high-quality roll cages designed for your purposes:


1) They Last Longer


When any product is made to a low price, it doesn't last as long as something made with pure quality in mind. This is true of all products, but especially roll cages. Roll cages generally have to work hard, and often have some degree of exposure to the elements. If poor quality metal is used, that's going to lead to damage and potential problems with the wheels rolling smoothly.


2) They Improve Efficiency


The knock-on effect of sub-standard manufacturing is that the efficiency of the cage is compromised. When the wheels begin to bind or catch, or parts of the structure deform to make it difficult to operate smoothly, it eats into the efficiency of using the cage. Even rolling the cage a short distance can be time-consuming, due to increased wheel friction and difficulty steering.


3) Health And Safety Compliance


A poor quality roll cage is a safety risk on wheels. If metal ends up deformed and sticking out, it leads to an increased risk of an operator hurting themselves during use. Similarly, if the roll cage is difficult to control, it could damage property or injure operators. In the worst case scenario, the roll cage could capsize, or collapse while fully loaded – wasting product, creating a huge clean-up job, and causing potentially serious injuries to staff. The health and safety profile of your roll cages can be increased by investing in quality products made to UK and EU safety standards.


4) Positive Business Image


Something guaranteed to eat into your brand perception is the feeling that your business has chosen the cheapest cost over usability and safety. This can lead to both employee resentment and a negative image in the minds of customers. If your roll cages are used in places where customers can see them, such as shop floors, it makes a better statement to ensure they're in good condition.


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Ultimately, the minimal extra investment necessary for better quality roll cages pays dividends long term. They're more durable, more efficient to use, they keep your goods secured more safely and they paint your business in a much

better light. For quality roll cages you can depend on, browse the Steps & Stillages range today.


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Image taken from our YouTube video on roll cages.