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Post pallets are widely used storage and transportation tools employed in warehouse settings. They provide several benefits over simple pallets or stillages in a number of industrial applications. From their stackable design to their affordable cost, here we’ll look at how a post pallet may suit your needs.

What Are Post Pallets?

Post pallets are a stackable type of storage pallet identified by long posts on each corner. These allow pallets to be stored on top of one another while retaining the space below for storage. As such, they are particularly useful in warehouse environments. Post pallet feet tend to come with cupped steel feet below for added security. Many post pallets can be disassembled for greater storage potential. In short, they are like stillages without mesh or plated walls.


Why Choose a Post Pallet?

Post pallets are among the most cost-effective stillage options, being constructed from strong metal beams that make them very durable. Being fashioned from steel instead of wood makes them far better at withstanding weighty and bulky items. The result is a pallet that not only has a longer shelf-life, but that offers superior value over time. What's more, post pallets come in a wide number of universal sizes. This makes them particularly suitable for warehouse environments.

One of the key benefits here is space-saving. Our post pallets are stackable up to 4 pallets high and are easy to transport with forklift setups. Durable, secure, and easy to assemble, post pallets are a dream solution for fast-paced warehouses and small industrial spaces. They are also available in a wealth of plate and mesh designs to suit long and short-term storage.

Post pallets differ from typical steel stillages in one key way; they lack walls but still have posts. This makes them better for storing more uniquely shaped items and bulkier products than stillages. They offer the same levels of security and safety as stillages, but with added versatility. Some models come with additional posts for enhanced security.


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