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The battle against Covid in shops, warehouses and factories usually centres around physical distancing from colleagues, face masks, and plenty of hand gel, but the materials we choose for workplace implements can make a difference too. Our shopping trolleys are all zinc-coated, something which may be important when it comes to the fight against the Coronavirus.

It has long been known that zinc can destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi. This means that shopping trolleys coated in Zinc may make it much harder for Coronavirus to spread. This has never been considered to be more important than in the current climate, and this awareness of the transmission of viruses and the dangers that this can pose is not likely to go away any time soon, even when the pandemic is over.

How COVID-19 Has Affected The Retail Industry

The world of retail has been forced to re-evaluate all sorts of things since the onset of Covid-19, and many adaptations and procedural changes have been needed to make shoppers feel safe enough to enter shops and spend their money. This has involved the installation of cleaning stations for shopping trolleys and for people’s hands.

Retailers will have to continue to persuade nervous shoppers that it is safe to be in stores, and zinc-coated trolleys could help with this. As well as offering what many believe to be a genuine means of preventing the spread of viruses, trolleys such as those which have always been supplied by Steps & Stillages can also boost public confidence and, potentially, encourage even reticent shoppers to leave their homes.

Of course, washing hands and disinfecting trolleys is likely to be a priority long into the future, but additional measures can only be a good thing for retailers and shoppers alike. It is unfeasible that every shopping trolley will be disinfected after each and every customer and this is where the real benefits of a zinc coating can come into play, offering protection for consumers and staff in the stores.

How To Limit Virus Transmission

Viruses depend on living host cells to replicate and can’t survive for long in the air, but it is known that some can survive for relatively long periods of time on certain surfaces, posing a threat to people who then go on to touch their nose, mouth or eyes. This transmission can happen even if surfaces look and feel clean.

By their very nature, shopping trolleys are handled by hundreds of hands every day, placing the prevention of the transmission of viruses and bacteria at the top of the priority list for retail businesses.


Zinc-Coated Trolleys From Steps & Stillages

Zinc-coating is a sign of a good quality shopping trolley, as is demonstrated by the examples on offer from Steps & Stillages. We understand the importance of high standards when keeping people safe, and we produce superior quality shopping trolleys in a range of different sizes. Get in touch today to find out more.


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