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If you're in charge of buying equipment for a warehouse or distribution business, you'll almost certainly come across the word "stillage" at some point. If you aren't sure what a stillage is, however, don't worry. In this post, we'll explain what stillages are, the types of stillages that you can buy, and why you should be using them.

What Is A Stillage?

Stillages are similar to pallets and can be used to separate goods and move them from place to place. They are usually made from steel, although there are some sheet metal stillages on the market. Like pallets, they tend to be stackable, so you can store them with ease, even if you're short of space. However, they are more durable than traditional wooden pallets and are available in a wider array of sizes and styles. You can also buy large industrial stillages that are big enough for people to stand in while they load and unload goods.

Types Of Stillage – A Brief Guide

We like to make life easy for our customers, so we classify our products into the following categories:

1) Sheet steel sided stillages

Hardwearing and practical, sheet steel sided stillages will contain your goods effectively, minimising the chance that they'll become damaged during transit. This type of stillage is particularly useful for companies who handle products such as loose pet food, as there are no gaps for the product to fall through.

2) Mesh steel stillages

The sides of these stillages are made from mesh steel rather than sheet steel, so it's simpler to see what's inside. While they're extremely durable, they are also lighter than their sheet steel sided counterparts, allowing you to move more products in each load. The gaps in the mesh also function as an effective drainage device.

3) Folding stillages

These can be made from sheet steel or mesh steel, but are collapsible for storage ease. Therefore, they're perfect for companies who want to make the most of their warehouse space. They are also ideal for distribution firms who want their drivers to make drop-offs and collections during the same journeys, as they'll take up less space in the lorries after use.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Stillages Now

Stillages are durable, versatile, and often have additional features. Some stillages boast hatches, doors, or drop fronts, for example, so that you can fill them or access the contents with ease when they're in a stack. Unlike wooden pallets, stillages can also be customised. You can add card holders, identification plates, removable lids, or removable dividers, or even buy stillages with bespoke designs. Therefore, if you want to store and transport goods, high-quality stillages are a must.

Find Out More

We sell an extensive range of stillages and can construct products tailored to your requirements. Visit our online store to find out more.

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