Budget Polyethylene Spill Pallet - 2 Drum Z/CN/SI3329

Budget Polyethylene Spill Pallet - 2 Drum
Budget Polyethylene Spill Pallet - 2 DrumBudget Polyethylene Sump Pallet topBudget Polyethylene Sump Pallets joinedBudget Polyethylene Sump Pallets joined on long sideBudget Polyethylene Sump Pallets joined on short side
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Budget Polyethylene Spill Pallet - 2 Drum

These polythene sump pallets are for safely storing and handling 2 x 200 L drums or several small containers and are part of our budget sump pallet range offering excellent value for money. The strong and durable sump pallets come in an eye catching bright yellow color and the space saving design of the spill pallets is that they can nest when empty and not being used for spill control.

Constructed from durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) and manufactured using an injection moulding process, these sump pallets have excellent chemical resistance to spills and feature a removable black HDPE grating. The HDPE material these sump pallets are made from is ideal for storing various acids, alkeline solutions, oils and non inflammable chemical substances.

The removable supporting grating is constructed from high density polyethylene and allows for easy cleaning after spills. The spill pallets bases are designed with fork pockets at the bottom for easy handling by forklift truck or hand pallet truck.

These flexible sump pallets have a lip on 2 edges which can hook over the edge of another sump pallets so they can be joined together to create larger spill pallet surfaces adaptable to your spill containment needs.

The sump pallets are compliant with EPA, OSHA, SPCC and NFPA standards, tested and guaranteed leak free and in accordance with UK legislation.

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Sump Pallet Corrosive Symbol Sump Pallet Environment Symbol
Polyethylene Sump Pallet for 2 drums
ProductSump DimensionsVolumeDrum CapacityLoad Capacity
SI3329 1320mm x 660mm x 430mm250 Litres2 x 200 Litre Drums1100 kg

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