Budget Sump Pallet for 2 Drums Z/SAL/EKON102Z

Budget Sump Pallet for 2 Drums
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Budget Galvanized Sump Pallet for 2 Drums

This galvanized steel sump pallet is from our Budget range of tapered spill pallets and is designed for safely storing and handling 2 x 200 L drums of hazardous or flammable substances. The spill pallet is constructed of solid carbon steel and certified watertight.

Ideal for safely storing small containers each pallet comes with a removable hot-dip galvanized grid and conforms to the highest level of certification. The pallet is supplied with a warning panel and indentification plate fitted to the sump, user manual and a registration booklet with test certificate.

Picture of budget sump pallet

Thanks to the tapered construction the sump pallets can be stacked inside each other, allowing a reduction in space during transport or storage.

For shipping we only charge what it costs us to deliver the pallets. We charge by the pallet to your postcode, which is calculated in the checkout - or you can collect for FREE from our premises in Kettering. Pallets not held in stock have a 3 week lead time.

UNI ISO 3834-3: 2006 Each containment spill pallet is subjected to non-destructive testing to ensure the basin is watertight in case of spills. This process is applied according to the following standards.

  • UN EN ISO 9712: 2012 Non-destructive testing Qualification and certification of personnel involved in non-destructive testing
  • UNI ISO 3452-1: 2013 Non-destructive testing Penetrating liquids examination - Part 1 General principles
  • UNI EN 13018: 2004 Non-destructive testing Visual inspection - General principles
  • UNI EN ISO 23277: 2010 Non-destructive welding test Welding test using penetrating liquids - Levels of acceptability
  • UNI EN ISO 5817: 2014 Welding Welded joints for cast steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys excluding energy beam welding - Quality imperfection levels
Flammable Symbol Environment Symbol Budget Range
Budget Sump Pallet Dimensions
Galvanized Sump Pallet
ProductDimensions in mmCapacity
EKON102Z 2 DRUM 1200 800 340 2 x 200 L Drum

For large orders please contact us.

Delivery is extra click for estimate

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