Bulk Bag Discharge Hopper Z/EU/BAGHOP

Bulk Bag Discharge Hopper
Bulk Bag Discharge HopperBulk Bag Discharge Loading HopperBig Bag Discharge HopperBig Bag Discharge Loading Hopper
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Item requires 3 pallets to ship.
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Bulk Bag Loading Hopper

This sheet steel hopper is an easy way to load a standard 1000mm x 1000mm bulk bag. Simply hook the corner handles of the bag onto the frame and place the bag on a pallet. Then fill the hopper with aggregate, sand or whatever you wish to bag and it will be funnelled and discharged into the bulk bag below

The sturdy frame is constructed from 50x50x2.5mm box section and the hopper from 3mm sheet steel. Built into the bulk bag hopper base are forklift sleeves for safe transportation by forklift. The bulk bag hopper is finished in 2 coats of heavy duty topcoat paint for a long life.

Bulk Bag Hopper Dimensions
Hopper Length 1500mm
Hopper Width 1500mm
O/A Height 2070mm
Height to loading lip  oof hopper 1970mm
Capacity 1000kg
 For Shipping, Bulk Bag Hoppers Take up 3 pallet spaces.


Custom Bulk Bag Loading Hoppers

 We have made various custom bulk bag hoppers for different bespoke applications. If you need something bespoke for you, please let us know.

Below are some custom bulk bag hoppers we have made in the past.

custom bulk bag loading hopper   Custom bulk bag loading hopper for fire wood  Custom Bespoke bulk bag loading hopper   custom bulk bag loading hopper bespoke

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