Telescopic Lifting Jib - FJT Z/EU/FJT

Telescopic Lifting Jib for Forklift - FJT
Telescopic Lifting Jib for Forklift - FJTTelescopic Extending Lifting Jib for Forklift - FJTTelescopic Lifting Jib for Forklift - FJT 1500kgTelescopic Lifting Jib for Forklift - FJT SWL 1500 kg
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Telescopic Lifting Jib - 1500kg

This telescopic lifting jib is an extending attachment for forklifts which simply slides over your forks. The lifting jib has a safety retaing bar which locks behind the heels of the forks to prevent the extending jib from sliding off the forks accidentally.

The lifting jib can accept forks upto 140mm wide x 60mm high and has a capacity of 1500kg in the position nearest the forklift mast.

Painted finish in 2 coats of paint in red as standard, this lifting jib is load tested and supplied with certificate.


It's important to note that extending the load centre on your fork truck de-rates the weight capacity you can lift. As you extend out this telescopic jig, so the load capaity you can lift reduces. This is marked on the jib.
You will have to establish the capacity of your truck. There should be a plate on your truck showing the load capacity on extended load centre distances from the fork truck mast.

Forklift lifting jib extending load capacity

S.W.L 1500KG Position 1 (Nearest Mast)
S.W.L 1375KG Position 2
S.W.L 1250KG Position 3
S.W.L 1125KG Position 4
S.W.L 1000KG Position 5
S.W.L.  500KG Position 6 (Extending Part Fully Open)




Hook and Shackle for forklift lifting jib

As standard, the lifting jib is supplied with a galvanized D shackle and swivel hook.

If you require the forklift lifting jib without these, please contact us.



Safe working Load of Jib 1500kg to 500kg depending on position
Length of Jib 2300mm to 3000mm
Height of Jib 430mm
Width of Jib 940mm
Unladen Weight 164 kg
Forklift sleeve centres 760mm
Forklift sleeve box size 160mm x 80mm