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Most warehouses and distribution companies use pallets on a daily basis, so it's crucial to choose the most practical type for your business needs. If you're still utilising traditional pallets, it could be worth your while switching to roll pallets instead.

Traditional Pallets Vs. Roll Pallets – What's The Difference?

Standard pallets are functional storage and transportation aids. They are safe to use and simple to stack. Contemporary pallets are made from a host of materials, including wood, plastic, and steel. However, pallets have one huge disadvantage – you'll need to use a forklift truck to move them.

Roll pallets, on the other hand, are mobile and usually feature four wheels. They come in an array of designs, including the "A" frame roll pallet and "Z-base" roll pallet, which can be "nested" together when not in use. Demountable roll pallets, meanwhile, come apart between uses, so you can store the sides and bases separately.

You can also select two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided roll pallet cages, depending on your needs. Many roll pallets are made from metal, but plastic options are available too. You may also be able to add extra features, such as built-in shelves or wheel brakes.

The Benefits Of Using Roll Pallets

Roll pallet cages have three key benefits:

1) They Are Practical Transportation Solutions

Moving products within your warehouse or from your warehouse to your delivery vehicles will be a breeze when you have roll cages to hand. If you opt for traditional pallets instead, you'll need to transport them using a forklift truck.

2) They Are Multi-Functional

Not only can you use roll pallets for product storage and transportation, but you can also use them as picking cages when fulfilling orders.

3) They Are Cost-Effective

Utilising roll pallet cages could allow you to streamline your warehouse processes and improve your bottom line. You may find that you don't need to employ as many forklift truck drivers, for example.

Making A Considered Decision

The one drawback of roll pallet cages is that they can't be stacked when in use. If that's an issue, you could consider using stillages or stackable pallet cages instead. While they may not be as easy to move, they may be more suitable than standard pallets. If you aren't sure which option to choose, contact our helpful team. They'll be able to find a solution to suit your needs.


Custom-Made Metal Pallets From Steps and Stillages

At Steps and Stillages, we supply custom-made metal pallets that offer superior strength and durability to standard wooden or plastic varieties, and can withstand much heavier loads as a result.

Our pallets are manufactured from prime quality steel that is guaranteed to be free from burrs and defects. With rounded corners, our metal pallets are safe for use in various applications, with no risk of accidental injury. We offer two ranges of steel pallets: Titan, our heavy-duty range with a tubular base frame for extra strength, and Tuff, our standard range that feature bases formed from strong sheet steel.

Find Out More

To find out more about our steel pallet range or to request a quote, please give us a call today.


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